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Documentation provided by International Commission on Fungal Taxonomy

Presentations (as PDF slideshows)

2012 MSA Presentation

2013 Nomenclature Presentation

2013 MSA Handout

Moving to One Name for Fungi

One Name - Hypocreales and Diaporthales

Papers (as PDF files)

Genera in Bionectriaceae, Hypocreaceae, and Nectriaceae (Hypocreales) proposed for acceptance or rejection

The Xylariaceae as model example for a unified nomenclature following the “One Fungus-One Name” (1F1N) concept

Lessons learned from moving to one scientific name for fungi

Seifert, K. and A.Y. Rossman.  2010.  How to describe a new fungal species.  IMA Fungus 1(2):109-116

Papers on Naming DNA sequences (as PDF files)

Progress in molecular and morphological taxon discovery in Fungi and options for formal classification of environmental sequences

The invisible dimension of fungal diversity.  Can microbial taxa be defined from environmental molecular sequences?

Digital identifiers for fungal species

(308–310) Proposals to permit DNA sequence data to serve as types of names of fungi

Hawksworthiomyces gen. nov. (Ophiostomatales), illustrates the urgency for a decision on how to name novel taxa known only from environmental nucleic acid sequences (ENAS)

Enjoy some photos of interesting Fungi

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