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International Commission on the Taxonomy of Fungi (ICTF)

The mission of the International Commission on the Taxonomy of Fungi is to promote the science of fungal taxonomy, both by facilitating the development of high scientific standards among practicing taxonomists, and by providing information to people who need to access or interpret taxonomic information on fungal taxonomy.

Our membership is international and includes respected scientists studying most major fungal or fungus-like groups of organisms. Much of our business is undertaken by a series of subcommissions devoted to furthering our taxonomic understanding of critical fungal groups. We meet at the IMA International Mycological Congress every four years, and when possible at other meetings, such as the annual CBS Spring Mycology Symposium, and organize and sponsor sessions or symposia at other congresses. Members and officers of the commission are elected by the existing members.

The ICTF is a COMCOF (Committees, Commissions and Federations) of the International Union of Microbiological Sciences (IUMS) and the International Mycological Association (IMA).  ICTF is also tightly aligned with the ICPA (IUMS International Commission on Penicillium and Aspergillus) and the NCF (Nomenclature Committee for Fungi).


   News 01/01/2021

1. New article on how to publish a new fungal species, or name


2. New article on fungal taxonomy and sequence-based nomenclature


3. New article on use of italics for taxonomic names


4. New article on identification of fungi and use of DNA barcoding



5. International Subcommission for the Taxonomy of Phytopathogenic Fungi releases new list of plant pathogenic fungi


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